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I’m a brazilian collage artist, and since 2017 I’ve lived between São Paulo and Madrid. I am especially dedicated to mixed media and started exploring analogical collage in 2019. Psychoanalysis was essential for me to take the risk – I left the routine of 30 years in the financial market to dedicate myself to artistic studies. That’s how I replaced the computer with scissors and paintbrushes .

My background is based on studies of arts in general, literature and psychoanalysis, in addition to my ability to observe, investigate and experiment. From this, I combined two passions – art and psychoanalysis, both capable of touching the ineffable of human existence through symbolic and imagery representation.

I work from the intersection between these two fields, an articulation from the perspective of the incomplete, of the remains, of what escapes meaning. The artistic resource makes possible the expression of the lack and the inexorable of existence. Wherever there is a verb limit, art with its inventive force makes room for new meanings. The key to my work is in my biography and personal experiences, which I seek to gather and give new meaning to, resulting in new readings, singular and heterogeneous narratives.

The collage universe enhances the specular dimension, where it inscribes the breaking of unity, of continuity, allowing the detail to interpret the whole. Thus, from the cut leftovers, the spectator’s subjectivity opens up to particular interpretations, new elaborations and narratives, which transcend those that motivated my creation.

The more than 100 works were born out of experimentation, curiosity, everyday life, a time that is neither linear nor progressive. I see  anything potential work material,  a plastic bag, an aluminum canvas, cardboard, springs, photographs, magazine and newspaper clippings, miniature models. Recyclable or not, garbage, leftovers, discarded or forgotten, it can become art . From this perspective, from uniting the disaggregated, new images and new meanings emerge.

In recent years, I’ve  carried out research in museums, galleries and by contacting with  artists from different countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, United States, Spain, Portugal, France, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Austria) which were and continue to be vital experiences for the development of the creative spirit that I try to reflect in my work.

I have a degree in Psychology from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU), advanced studies in Psychoanalysis at the Institute of Lacanian Psychoanalysis (IPLA), Postmodernity – TerraDois – Analysis in the 21st century, in São Paulo (Brazil) and at the Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanálisis (ELP) ), in Madrid (Spain). In the artistic universe I studied “Cubism in Modern Culture” at the Museo Reina Sofia, “History of Art” at the Prado Museum and Photography  at the Cfm Photography Courses in Madrid.

Since 2020, I have participated in challenges organized by analog and digital collage communities in which the works are curated and published on social media and printed materials. In my first year working with collage, I have one of mine, entitled “Voyageur”, published and printed in the Paris Collage Collective Yearbook 2020.

That same year, I participated in group exhibitions at the Victorios Art Gallery in Miami, United States, and at the Eka Moor Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain. In 2021, I participated in the La Tetra4 virtual collective and had works published on the Paris Collage Collective platform.   Also, as I believe art should be in all spaces, not just featured in galleries and cultural centers, but spread out on the streets, in cafes or on digital platforms, I accepted the invitation for a solo exhibition at Cozinha do Fred, a restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil.

Present in life, art is a place of freedom, openness and rupture.

I hope you find stories about yourself and the world here.

Sandra Hermoso


"I pick up pieces and make an interpretation of what is happening in our time."

Sandra Hermoso,

"It's the spectators who make the pictures"

Marcel Duchamp,

"...art fulfills the function of a kind of healing of emptiness, emptiness that does not heal."

René Passeron,

“The gaze [...] always looks for someone, something.”

Roland Barthes,

“All art is characterized by a certain mode of organization around a void.”

Jacques Lacan,

“Works of art are always the product of a risk that has been taken, of an experience taken to the extreme, to the point where man cannot continue.”

Rainer Maria Rilke,